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YouBama.com - The Citizen Generated Campaign
A collection of videos including people's opinions on why they're voting for Obama. There's also (of course) a few music videos and other fan videos, such as this amazing car that lights up Obama's name on the side and plays "Rock The Casbah"!


It's About A Sunrise

"It's About A Sunrise"
by Voices For Obama


Common - "The People"

Common's an Obama supporter, so I'm taking the liberty of posting this here. Even though the song isn't entirely about Barack.

This song includes the lyrics, "... Standing in front of the judge with no honor/ My raps ignite the people like Obama!"


Man For Me (Ode To Barack)

By Maddy Wyatt; maddywyatt.com



"I' Got A Crush... On Obama"

"Created by: Ben Relles
Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger
Vocals: Leah Kauffman
Music Producer: Rick Friedrich
Directed by: Larry Strong and Kevin Arbouet"

Good ol' Obama Girl.


"Something About The Man"

"Academy Award nominated composer lyricst Arthur Hamilton (Cry Me A River), 4-time Latin Grammy Award winning producer Kenny O'Brien, and composer/songwriter Alan Ross Fleishman have collaborated to create a campaign song for Barack Obama."