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Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA.

I can see just now that Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA. His strength of a lion, his speed of a jaguar and his long sight of an eagle let him raise the USA to an absolutely new level – the level of civilization.

The cooperation with Russia as the most important friend of the USA will help the world discover existence of our land, the planet in the new dimension.

I think that the way Trump has chosen is a real historic one, being very important for our times and for the future generations.

Nikolai Shmatko http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/

"Peace Express" Killed fly by Barack Obama

The presentation of the new project "Peace Express" took place in the art gallery "Shmatko & sons"

Nicolai Shmatko has presented the international project - the sculptural composition "Peace Express" and also acquainted his guests with new creative works, namely "Three Graces" in marble made by N. Shmatko and "Three Graces" in stone-tinted plaster made by his son Rafael.

N. Shmatko had been working on "Peace Express" for more than one month, but the most difficult thing was to render the idea of this sculpture. The sculptor had to scrutinize thoroughly each of the candidates he wanted to immortalize.

"I decided to make this sculpture in order to evoke a response from these world leaders so that they would pay more attention to the problems of peacekeeping on our planet. I have chosen these politicians surely because they "run the show" in this world" - N. Shmatko said.

The sculptural portraits of the President of the USA - Barack Obama, the President of Russia - Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime-minister of Italy - Silvio Berlusconi, the President of Venezuela - Hugo Chavez and the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the President of the People's Republic of China - Hu Jintao are imaged on the tips of the fingers of a hand in the center of which there is a symbolic globe with a fly transfixed by Barack Obama. >>> see all photos >>>

N. Shmatko appealed to the leaders of the 5 countries with the help of mass media with the proposition to Barack Obama to allocate 5 million dollars for the financing of the statue made of marble "Christ's Appearance to the Apostles" and also "to construct a new city in the centre of which this sculptural composition will be set."

The sculptor suggested Dmitry Medvedev "planning a visit to the gallery and providing help in its "extension".

N. Shmatko offered Hu Jintao to organize an exhibition in China where the sculptor is ready to show more than 100 sculptures and more than 300 canvases. During this exhibition the sculptor "is going to fundraise 1 billion dollars" which he promised to pass to "the distressed provinces of China". The host, in its turn, as N. Shmatko proposed, will have to guarantee the transportation of the collection and to allow 3.000 square meters of exhibition area and the presence of mass media.

Silvio Berlusconi was offered "to be responsible for the expenses of the presentation of N. Shmatko in Florence Biennale 2009 and to take part in the inauguration of Biennale" in which N. Shmatko intends to participate.

Hugo Chavez was offered "to realize a project which would symbolize the people of Venezuela. The sculptor also invited the President to visit the art gallery "Shmatko & Sons".

"With our efforts (in the field of sculpture creation), my sons and I are ready to bring beauty to the Venezuelan people and to offer them new opportunities for tourism," - N. Shmatko said.

Information on a source  www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/engver/index_en.html

So much work to do
I don't know if I can
Trying so hard, so hard, so hard
But I'm just one man.

'Dream About Flying' by Alexi Murdoch.


Larger version @ my journal.

Love, dreams, hope, freedom, change;

have a good election, America.

Obama Art Contest @ MoveOn.org

By Ken Jacobsen from Tempe, AZ

The New Face of the $100 Bill

The greatest president in US History

Check out more really cool Obama art I found @ MoveOn.org!

I was trying to get this done in time to enter it in the state fair, but i sadly missed the registration deadline.

Ti$a - Vote Obama

Taz Arnold (AKA TI$A), front man of underground hip-hop super group Sa-Ra formerly signed to Grammy award winning artist Kanye West's label Good Music, launches his solo career and dedicates his first single and accompanying celebrity filled music video, "Vote Obama" in support of democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama. Kanye West, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Travis Barker, Shepard Fairey, and Apple of The Black Eyed Peas are among some of the celebrities, artists, and tastemakers that make a cameo. As a producer and fashion icon, TI$A has worked with some of the music industry’s finest talents, including Dr. Dre, Erykah Badu, Iggy Pop, Jill Scott, N.E.R.D., Roberta Flack, Herbie Hancock, Lauren Hill, John Legend, and Kanye West to name a few. Additionally, TI$A is preparing to unleash his new clothing line, also called TI$A. As part of the underground hip-hop super group Sa-Ra, TI$A has gained strong cult followings in Japan, U.S.A., and Europe.

obama art

so there doesn't seem to be much action on this lj community, despite the fact that i think there's a LOT of obama art being made out there in the world right now.

there are several flickr groups going with lots of different takes on obama art, if you're interested:




http://www.flickr.com/groups/655075@N21/ (election graphics - not just obama but there's a good amount of obama stuff)

http://www.flickr.com/groups/barackobama2008/ (not just art, but some)

you'll see some of my photos of my stuff posted in all these - my design is my avatar. you're welcome to check out my photos - http://www.flickr.com/photos/artbymags/ - and some of my stuff is for sale on my etsy site - http://artbymags.etsy.com

(just trying to get some conversation going here!)

Most inspiring picture of Obama

Hello all Obama supporters!!! There is a contest going on the WWW - Most inspiring picture of Barack Obama. Here is the video for it.
Join now and SUPPORT show your pride!

Just upload the picture that inspire you the most and vote for the best you like! Do it here @ http://fb.amuso.com/obama

See you in the contest!